Here’s a piece that’s in this month’s Sunday Times Travel Magazine, on late-night London, in anticipation of the all-night tube service that’s supposed to start next month. With all the previous and planned strikes about it, it’s touch and go whether it will actually happen on time or not. We’ll see (Click each page to expand).

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Here’s a little video I made of my 4 and 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia that I took at the weekend, condensed down into just a minute. Who needs Big Bang Theory on your seatback TV when you’ve got views like these?


Getting somewhere first, before anyone else, has very little real and lasting meaning.
Seek instead to encourage others to come along, and you’ll find the journey much more fulfilling.
When you hurry through each moment, you miss out on the richness that could be yours. Take the time to live, to experience where you are, rather than being so obsessed with getting to the next checkpoint.
When you stop demanding to have it all now, you’ll discover that you have plenty already.
Learn to experience joy where you are, and you’ll experience it in abundance.
Yes, it can be wonderfully exhilarating when life moves quickly.
But do not move so quickly that speed becomes your only experience, for there is so much more to enjoy.
The terrain of life is filled with wonderful and astounding detail.
Slow down and take in all its richness.

Spare some time for your friends.

(The above was given to me on a card at my hotel in Kalpa, India, last month)