I’ve been to Vienna a few times, and always like it more and more each time I go back.

But I’ve always felt it’s one of those places I would have had a better time if I had someone to show me round, someone with insider knowledge, rather than just be a tourist clutching a guide book.

So it was a pleasure recently to meet New York expat Lucie Lamster-Thury who runs shopping tours in Vienna, concentrating on under-the-radar designers in small stores away from the the usual tourist drags.

Here’s a video about her that I think also shows off the city rather nicely too. (This is one of a series of well-made city guides by Dutch airlineĀ  KLM)

Here’s a piece that’s in this month’s Sunday Times Travel Magazine, on late-night London, in anticipation of the all-night tube service that’s supposed to start next month. With all the previous and planned strikes about it, it’s touch and go whether it will actually happen on time or not. We’ll see (Click each page to expand).

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