Last February I visited the Pyrenees for the first time. I think my days of “just” going for a week-long blast of skiing are over, (I blame my knees), so this was an ideal break: I got to ski, but I also stayed overnight on top of a mountain with its own astronomical observatory and visited the town of Lourdes too, which has always piqued my curiosity. Anyway, read all about it here, in my article that appeared in the Times a few weeks ago.



It’s nearly the end of the year and suddenly you realise you have a few days holiday left over, which you can’t carry into 2017. For the Times recently I came up with a few ideas on where to use those few precious days of freedom… (click on each page to enlarge).


Well, no, not really, or in fact anything at all to do with Prince Harry, but made you look didn’t it?

OK, there’s a tiny link.

This is a piece that appeared in last week’s Sunday Times that I wrote about a new “posh” bootcamp at Chateau Bouffement, 30km north of Paris, led by James Gilbertson who, for a while, was Prince Harry’s personal trainer in London. So there’s the connection. Well, you’ve got to give the editor’s a hook for a story, rule number one.

Lovely chateau and an interesting weekend, if you have £3,000 kicking about