Swimming off the coast of Ibiza

I have a lot of friends who’ve been to Ibiza, but usually they are there to hang out in glamorous villas, bars and clubs. Not to go to the less-developed north of the island and not to go swimming around the coast.

I’ve done a few swimming holidays now with Swimtrek – in fact I was on their very first one in Greece in 20013 – and the owner, Simon Murie, has become a good friend.

So when I heard they were launching new holidays to Ibiza this October, I jumped at the chance to go for a few days before the first trip to try a few of the swims with their local guide Alessandro Mancini. (That’s him in the fetching pink cap, below).

Each morning we’d swim 2-3km, have lunch, then do the same distance again in the afternoon. (Our longest was 4km over a leisurely couple of hours). On regular weeks there is a boat following you for assistance, but because this was just a “recce”, we had the ocean to ourselves except for inquisitive fish and the odd jellyfish floating serenely below us.

Swimming in the sea is something that divides opinion pretty neatly down the middle – you either get the concept and love it, as I do, or think it’s a pretty strange choice for a holiday, to which I’d say it’s your loss. Not only do you meet great people, you get fit, and it’s incredibly meditative as well. Yoga for the mind? I think so. All I know is that every time I go on a swimming holiday, I come back extremely relaxed and refreshed. Not to mention that it really clears your nasal passages out…


Swimtrek Ibiza

Swimtrek Ibiza 2





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