Why grow up? It’s very over rated.

If you still yearn for your backpacking days, but have a bit more cash in your pocket, then give flashpacking a go…that’s to say, keeping the ethos of independent travel alive while being able to afford rather more glam travel options than when you were 19.

Here is my recent round up of flashpacking options in The Times, with a few suggestions thrown in by my colleague Ben Clatworthy.
Flashpacker 1Flashpacker 2

I love this travel video from new tour company The Heart of Russia. It takes stereotypes (thank you YouTube and vodka) and shows that, despite what you think you know, there’s a different side waiting to be explored. It certainly makes me want to go to Saratov and the Volga region, which doesn’t feature on most (any?) of the usual itineraries to Russia.

I spent two days in Davos last week as a guest of the Swiss Tourist Board explaining what we know about Brexit so far (answer – not a lot) to the slightly bemused Swiss audience who find it difficult to believe we seem to have no coherent plan in place for what’s going to happen. (I had to explain to them that 48% of Brits are rather bemused by it all too).

But we also got to talk about British tourists in Switzerland, past present and future.

Below you can see me (on the right) in full flow as I begged the Swiss hospitality industry to move away from their obsession with those small plastic pots of UHT milk they have with their coffee. I fear it was a losing battle. Despite being surrounded by millions of cows that could provide lots of lovely fresh milk, I don’t think they’ll be budging any time soon.



Davos 5

Thanks to Sara Roloff for the photo