It’s been twenty years since the handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China. I was there that night in June 1997 and, though the evening was boozy and rainy, I remember it pretty well … as told in last Saturday’s Times, when I updated my thoughts on my favourite Asian city after returning there earlier this year.

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I recently wrote for the website of Robb Report magazine about a new air safari in Kenya that allows participants to meet wildlife experts who are trying to save and protect endangered species…as well as flying low to explore  some of the most spectacular scenery in East Africa.

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Why grow up? It’s very over rated.

If you still yearn for your backpacking days, but have a bit more cash in your pocket, then give flashpacking a go…that’s to say, keeping the ethos of independent travel alive while being able to afford rather more glam travel options than when you were 19.

Here is my recent round up of flashpacking options in The Times, with a few suggestions thrown in by my colleague Ben Clatworthy.
Flashpacker 1Flashpacker 2