Buenos Aires

It’s been about six years since I was last in Buenos Aires and what struck me this November was how little had changed. It is one of my very favourite cities. I can spend hours in a pavement cafe, people watching, looking at the world go by, reading, and Buenos Aires is a very good place to do just that.

Well, OK, there’s more graffiti and cracked pavements since I was last in town, but there are still the same super-cool people and amazing bars, shops and restaurants. Pounds, dollars and euros may not got as far as they did in the mid-noughties (tip: take dollars cash and on the semi-official blue market you’ll get ten pesos for one dollar, as opposed to around six if you use a credit card or ATM) but it’s still good value.

It’s perhaps worth saying if you’re a Brit and you’ve never been before that you might expect the Argentines to be rather anti “us” because of the Falklands palava (“two bald men fighting over a comb” – Jorge Luis Borges), but not a bit of it. Super friendly, not to mention ridiculously good-looking on the whole. (I mean there’s only so long I can walk around in 36 degree heat sucking my tummy in).

As usual I stayed at Home Hotel in Palermo Hollywood, and always recommend that any friends visiting Buenos Aires do the same – none come away disappointed.


Some of the more imaginative street art around town


Ah the unmistakable scent of…..Kevin.


Argentina, home to the best steak on the planet. And thank goodness Argentines are fond of serving it well done, so you don’t get the withering looks you do from the French who like to have theirs still mooing.


The garden of Home Hotel in Palermo Hollywood. Very definitely home from home. Well if your home looks like it’s a centre spread in Dwell Magazine.


Argentine dogs seem very well behaved, even if their owners aren’t. Buenos Aires is, I’m afraid, the dog sh*t capital of the whole world. Scoop the poop people!


Palermo Hollywood


Oh Argentina how you taunt us! Even your home-grown Lego pays homage to Maradonna.


Buenos Aires cafes run the whole range from superbly trendy & modern where the cool kids hang out over their Macbook Airs to old-school like El Gato Negro (pictured here) which, unusually, specializes in tea not coffee.


You’re never stuck for something to read in Buenos Aires


María Eva Duarte de Perón (May 7th 1919 – July 26th 1952)

At La Bombonera stadium watching Boca Juniors play. Amazing atmosphere in the stands, even if play on the pitch wasn't great

At La Bombonera stadium watching Boca Juniors play. Amazing atmosphere in the stands, even if the game on the pitch was a bit pants. (Great diving and acting, though).


By the way, two blogs I enjoyed very much during my visit: Pick Up the Fork (foodie) and Fifth Floor (general musings by an English expat B&B owner)

(My tickets on British Airways were provided by Journey Latin America)



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