When you can travel to Rome again, I strongly recommend a trip to the city’s Protestant Cemetery, where non-Catholics have made their final journey for several centuries, including the poets Shelley and Keats.

It’s a supremely calm space in a noisy city. Entry is free with a suggested donation of €3. Plus you get to meet the cemetery cats – if you’re lucky you might be greeted by Percy, as we were.


I have been very remiss in not posting on here. It’s been almost two years. I have no excuse other than it’s always one of those “tomorrow” jobs which just gets pushed further and further away.

Well, not much excuse right now.

Someone summed up the current period as one of “unprecedented uncertainty” and that seems true – never have billions of people around the world been told not to travel and just stay indoors.

Last weekend I had the lead article in the Sunday Times travel section – about swapping your usual favourite Italian spots for “equivalents”  (tongue somewhat in cheek) in Britain. (Did you know Birmingham has more canals than Venice?) Even that seems optimistic now, but we can all dream about better times ahead and about those bucket list trips we want to do when we can travel freely again.

You can go to the article if you click HERE

Till then I will try and be better at posting on here, so we can armchair travel together. Where’s on your to-go list?

Stay safe folks. And WASH YOUR HANDS.


I’m lucky enough to have been to South Africa around thirty times, so The Times recently picked my brains on what I thought would make a great two week introductory itinerary down there.

There are three pages to this but because of copy-write issues I can’t publish it all here – if you want to see the whole thing you need to be an online subscriber to the Times. Sorry!